Thursday, September 24, 2009


4:15am alarm goes off, turn off alarm, roll over, go back to sleep. 4:20am give up going back to sleep, get up, get ready for workout. Discombobulated all morning, checked forum, miss post about change of location. Head to Rogue, no one around. Checked forum on iPhone found workout moved to Barton Springs. Selected route has 16 stop lights, all red. Arrive just as group heads for track. Can't remember workout description or paces. Ask Steve for workout when we arrive at track, he asks me if I'm feeling OK. I guess I usually have my shit together and now he's concerned. Workout is 6x1 mile with alternating 400s at 10K - 1/2 marathon. Don't know what those paces are so I just run fast and less fast. Paces ranged from 5:52 to 6:52 and averaged 6:20 for the 6 miles. Paces should have been 6:44 and 7:00 and should have averaged 6:52. Should have known I was fast when Lightning Larry is bitching at me for pulling him too fast on a couple of laps. Well, don't know whether to call this a great workout or an act of great stupidity. 10 days to Portland.